These are all words that resonate strongly with the brand concept.muse, as they are the foundations of the brand’s raison d’être as they say… Letting you express yourself and inspiring styles for others.

We want you to debunk the thought that fashion has to have a big name. Sure we applaud the big shots as well and aspire to grace our wardrobes with their pieces, but we also adore the unexplored. The artisans. The talented craftsmen and their drawing boards.

The products that you will find on concept.muse have all been carefully selected from around the world and some have a story to tell, whilst others are simply a statement piece worthwhile of a good chat about it.


concept.muse is inspired by skill, talent and passion, whether it be musical, artisanal or otherwise. What makes something beautiful and unique is not its name or its price tag, but rather the process of its becoming. From handcrafted shoes made by generations of skilled craftsmen in the UK, to cool handmade sunglasses that can chill that glare, we aim to bring you that something different.

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