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Hello there,

Probably like a lot of you out there, we have music playing throughout the office all day, everyday. Believe it or not sometimes the music is playing before the coffee machine has even been turned on, yep thats right, that happened once. And so we thought why not share what we are listening to with people who are checking out our website. Now we aren’t claiming to be music gurus, or know a whole load about history, artist’s and major events, plus you can get that kind of information on a billion other websites. No, what we do know is we love music, and love listening to it, and it makes us happy, and yes most of us in the office come from a time of giving one another a mixed tape or CD, so we kind of always loved to share what we were listening to and so now we are just doing what we have always done, except well, digitally!

So keep an ear out for the weekly playlist of music, and you can listen to it by simply clicking on the speaker sign in the top right corner next to the cart and account sign in.

We hope you enjoy and of course, if you have a bunch of songs or artists you are currently into and want to share with us please do, you can never have enough music!

Keep on keeping on

The concept.muse team

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