Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy essentially covers the below areas:


  1. Account registration and collection of your personal data
  2. Our use of your personal information
  3. Protection of your personal information
  4. Third party website links
  5. Tracking with cookies
  6. Contact for further support


  1. Account Registration and collection of your personal data

1.1 Customers have the option of registering an account on concept.muse when making a purchase, or checking out as a guest. We encourage you to open an account for future convenience and faster checkout, as well as to keep updated with new arrivals and special offers at concept.muse.

1.2. Details you will be asked to provide includes your name, shipping address, email address and/or telephone number and other information that helps to identity you as an individual. Any information that you provide on the site must be true, accurate and updated.

1.3. For payment purposes, we will also collect financial information from you including things such as your credit card and/or bank account details.  These details will solely be used for billing purposes and for order fulfillment and will not be shared with any third party for any purpose.

1.4. Please note that we may collect transactional details including your Internet Protocol address for trend analysis, site administration and to improve site efficiency. We may also track your navigation information such as the pages that you visit on our site, frequency and duration of visit amongst other similar user behavior data.

1.5. In incidences where we compile behavioral statistics for analysis, data will be maintained with no reference to your individual personal details.

1.6. We may make amendments or updates to our privacy policy at any time, and such changes will be reflected in a revised version of the policy on the concept.muse website. The most current version of the privacy policy will always be the one that is in use and in effect.


  1. Our use of your personal information

2.1. The personal information that you provide to us is used by concept.muse for the following purposes:

2.1.1. provide and improve our services to you

2.1.2. collect payment

2.1.3. provide you with promotional updates

2.1.4. troubleshoot issues

2.1.5. verify information you give us with third party payment gateways for fraud screening

2.1.6. answer questions and/or provide further support

2.2. We do not sell or lease any of your personal information to third parties and will only share your details with such parties in strict accordance with this privacy policy. When you create an account or provide any of your personal information to us on the concept.muse site, you expressly consent us to use your details in accordance with the terms as laid out in this privacy policy.

2.3. If you wish to unsubscribe from concept.muse and no longer receive any promotional updates, you have the option of doing so at any time of your choosing. Click to manage your settings in the “My Account” page of the website.

2.4. At any point in time, you can access your personal information in the “My Account” page of the website to make changes, updates and amendments. If you have any issues making changes, you can contact our customer support team for further assistance.

2.5. Your personal information will be maintained by concept.muse so long as your account with us is active and subscribed. In accordance with the laws of Kuwait, we will share your details in the event of any legal investigations, for fraud inspections and/ or audit and any other incidences in line with the local legal framework.


  1. Protection of your personal information

3.1. Your personal information is maintained on servers located in the United States. We take every precaution to ensure that your information is safe and protected from unauthorized access, use and disclosure.

3.2. All personal information is encrypted but as the Internet is not a secure medium, we are unable to guarantee the privacy of your personal information from unlawful hacking or other criminal activity with which the data may be illicitly obtained without our knowledge or permission.

3.3. In order to optimize the protection of your personal information, we recommend that you choose your password carefully and make use of unique numbers, letters and special characters. You should not share your username or password with anyone and you should change your password periodically to ensure better security.

3.4. If you feel at any time that your account security is compromised, you should change your password immediately and contact our customer support so that we can assist in monitoring any unusual activity and register the incident for any potential fraud investigations.


  1. Third party links

4.1. Our website may contain links to other external websites which will have privacy practices that differ from those at concept.muse.

4.2. We will not be held responsible for how these external sites handle your personal information and we encourage you to read their privacy policies before using their websites in the event that you choose to provide them with your personal details for any purpose. Our privacy policy applies solely to information that we collect on concept.muse. site and once you leave our site to visit other linked sites, our responsibility for how your data is handled or used terminates.


  1. Tracking with Cookies

5.1. Cookies help concept.muse with improving your experience on our site by providing us with useful behavioral data and statistics. Cookies are small computer files that are placed on your computer’s hard drive to help bring up historic data. When you are on the concept.muse site, cookies will be used to identify your browser with a unique and random number.

5.2. Should you wish to navigate the concept.muse site without the tracking of cookies, you may deactivate them if your browser permits but you may experience interferences during your navigation and some pages may not load as intended.

5.3. At concept.muse we do not spam your email and if you receive any such emails, kindly forward them to our customer support team so that we may undertake immediate investigations to rectify the situation promptly.


  1. Contact for further support

6.1. Should you require support for anything whilst on the concept.muse site, you may contact our customer support team at any time. We will endeavor to respond to your questions or issues at the earliest.