What they say

Designer Tamaki Niime moved to Nishiwaki City in Hyogo, an area known for its Banshu-ori. With her loom, she has woven her aspirations in realities.

We have worked on organic cultivation of cotton, yarn, dyeing, sewing and sales by ourselves step by step, because we hope that our unique and comfortable work will reach you.

These feathery, colorfully expressive shawls, clothes and accessories bring delight to everyone regardless of age or gender.

What we say

According to Parisians, who have always been known to exuberate an air of ”je ne sais quoi” in their fashion sense, a scarf is sometimes all you need to “make” your outfit. With her vintage loom and mastery of the Banshu style weave (dating way back 1792!), concept.muse brings you a beautiful collection of artfully weaved scarves by the talented Japanese designer Tamaki Niime.