The beauty of jewellery…

Ah jewellery…the blitz and bling that everyone loves and for good reason! Wearing jewellery has been a thing since the Stone Age, when people wore feathers, shells, gems and well…stones. Nowadays, our selection has expanded to include a larger number of precious metals, gems and fancy stones and fortunately so.

Wearing jewellery can immediately spruce up an outfit and make all the difference. Whether you choose to mix and match colours, materials, designs or brands, accessorizing is where it’s all at these days. Pair some flashy dangly earrings with a more subtle necklace or a sparkly rock of a diamond ring with something a little less bank breaking and you’re good to go, whether you’re on holiday or just on a night out.

Handmade or custom jewellery is even more fun, as you can really express what you like through the skill and craft of the artisan making the piece for you. It’s always nice to have a story behind the stuff you own and inspiration can really pop up from anywhere. So enjoy the beauty in the little things and wear whatever your mood dictates, so you can express yourself and hopefully inspire others!

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