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If there is anything we will probably remember most about 2016 is that it has been, by far, a topsy turvy one to say the least. Keeping away from all the politics and crazy wars, on a music front we have seen some of the most inspirational artist’s for generations come to an end of their lives, from Bowie to Prince, Motorhead’s Lemmy and more recently Leonard Cohen. And so while we are generally a happy-go-lucky kinda team, we thought we best kickoff the first playlist dedicated to Leonard Cohen himself. The list of songs can be found below and are a selection of our favorite songs either sang by himself or covered:

Famous blue raincoat – L. Cohen

Suzanne – Fairport Convention

Chelsea hotel #2 – L. Cohen

Sisters of Mercy – L. Cohen

Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley

Lady midnight – L. Cohen

Bird on a wire – Fairport Convention

So long, Marianne- L. Cohen

Take this longing – L. Cohen

Hope – R.E.M (not a Cohen song, but was credited as it was very similar to Suzanne, inspiration!)

The Butcher – L. Cohen

Remember you can listen to the songs by clicking the small speaker on the top right hand corner next to the cart and account sign in, hope you enjoy…

Keep on Keeping on

The concept.muse team

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